Terms of Use

OBIS-SEAMAP Terms of Use

The OBIS-SEAMAP Terms of Use requests you to contact the data provider(s) for use of the OBIS-SEAMAP data in any publication, product, or commercial application.

By accepting this document and using OBIS-SEAMAP the user agrees to the following:

  1. Not to use data contained in OBIS-SEAMAP in any publication, product, or commercial application without prior written consent of the original data provider.
  2. To cite both the data provider and OBIS-SEAMAP appropriately after approval of use is obtained.

    Example citation for a dataset:

    Read, A.J. & A.J. Westgate. 1997. Monitoring the movements of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) with satellite telemetry. Marine Biology, 130: 315-322 .

    Citation for OBIS-SEAMAP:

    Halpin, P.N., A.J. Read, E. Fujioka, B.D. Best, B. Donnelly, L.J. Hazen, C. Kot, K. Urian, E. LaBrecque, A. Dimatteo, J. Cleary, C. Good, L.B. Crowder, and K.D. Hyrenbach. 2009. OBIS-SEAMAP: The world data center for marine mammal, sea bird, and sea turtle distributions. Oceanography 22(2):104-115

  3. To forward the citation of any publication / report that made use of the data / tools provided by OBIS-SEAMAP for inclusion in our list of references.
  4. Not to hold OBIS-SEAMAP or the original data providers liable for errors in the data. While we have made every effort to ensure the quality of the database, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these datasets.