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iOBIS and Tropical and Subtropical Western South Atlantic OBIS


Primary contact Alexandre Marino



This data set includes the results of the activities undertaken over some 110 years of development of the bird collection in Museu de Zoologia of Universidade de Sao Paulo (MZUSP), but refering only to marine species of South Atlantic, mainly from Brazil. The background history of the collection is given in Pinto (1945) over its initial years (1897-1945). The identification expertise of all voucher specimens are under the responsibility of the official curator, Dr Luis Fabio Silveira (Zoology Department, IB USP) - The classification system employed to organize the collection follows Remsen et al. (2008) with changes by CBRO (2008) and the historic classification information in the original label is given in the ‘notes’ field. For many specimens geo-referencing has been done by approximation from the original sample locality (old records) and there is no way to estimate the precision in these cases. Some bird groups in the collection have been recently reviewed, but not all. Voucher specimens are listed following the official code of the collection.



Supplemental information

Original data obtained from and registered into iOBIS on 2008-07-09. This dataset on OBIS-SEAMAP is a subset of marine mammal, seabird and/or sea turtle records from the dataset on iOBIS (Total number of records: 263) harvested into OBIS-SEAMAP on 2011-10-11


. . Fabio Lang da Silveira and Rubens M. Lopes Collection of Marine Birds of South Atlantic. WSAOBIS, São Paulo, June 2008, Version 1.
Data on iOBIS. 2008. obtained on 2011-10-11.
Original data source. . obtained on 2008-08-07.



Attributes described below represent those in the original dataset provided by the provider.
Only minimum required attributes are visible and downlodable online. Other attributes may be obtained upon provider's permission unless otherwise noted below.

The attributes of this dataset are compatible with the OBIS Schema, then reformatted to the OBIS-SEAMAP schema. If you would like to get the data in the OBIS Schema, please visit iOBIS Portal.

Attributes in dataset provided

Attribute (table column)Description
Marine mammals0
Sea turtles0
Rays and sharks0
Other species0
Non spatial0
Non species-13
Date, Begin1898-04-24
Date, End2007-08-29
Temporal prec.111111
Latitude-34.60 - -3.08
Longitude-53.45 - -32.12
Coord. prec.4 decimal digits
Data typeAnimal sighting
Contr. throughiOBIS
Sharing policy CC-BY (All)
Also availalbe from None
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