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Summary of download requests

Number of users / requestsUsersRequests
Types requested AllPartial All or partial?: When all records of this dataset were downloaded, it is flagged as "All".
Otherwise, it is flagged as "Partial".
A partial download happens when a user specifies particular species / areas / dates of interest.
Years 202220212020
Formats requested Types requested  
Gridded summary Type 1a (dist_taxa)97
Gridded summary Type 1b (dist_taxa_h3)1
Gridded summary Type 2a (dist_sp)507
Gridded summary Type 2b (dist_sp_h3)15
diversity indexes (diversity)0
Observations based on criteria (points)144
All observations of species (whole_species)468
All observations in dataset (whole_dataset)30
  • Gridded summary Type 1 (dist_taxa): Sightings of all species are aggregated at 1/0.1/0.01 degree resolution. Users gets the number of species and records per grid cell.
    a: Rectangular grids; b: Hexagonal grids
  • Gridded summary Type 2 (dist_sp): Sightings of each species are aggregated at 1/0.1/0.01 degree resolution. Users gets the number of records of the species in question per grid cell.
    a: Rectangular grids; b: Hexagonal grids
  • All or partial?: When all records of this dataset were downloaded, it is flagged as "All". Otherwise, it is flagged as "Partial". A partial download happens when a user specifies particular species / areas / dates of interest.

Download request details

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No.Date requestedTypes requestedFormat#recordsAlong with...Species includedRequest ID
11512021-03-16whole_specieswfs4List of datasetsList of species6050d40696422_20210316_125716
11522021-03-16whole_speciescsv49List of datasetsList of species6050f24d84c28_20210316_140109
11532021-03-16whole_speciescsv49List of datasetsList of species6050574f7a709_20210316_030219
11542021-03-16whole_speciescsv49List of datasetsList of species60504a2845fa2_20210316_020629
11552021-03-15dist_spcsv71List of datasetsList of species604f661580d3b_20210315_095404
11562021-03-15dist_spshapefile71List of datasetsList of species604f661580d3b_20210315_095405
11572021-03-13dist_spshapefile1List of datasetsList of species604cb24f15032_20210313_074310
11582021-03-13dist_spwms1List of datasetsList of species604cb24f15032_20210313_074514
11592021-03-13dist_spkml1List of datasetsList of species604cb24f15032_20210313_074555
11602021-03-13dist_spshapefile1List of datasetsList of species604cadda9807a_20210313_072421
11612021-03-13pointscsv74List of datasetsList of species604ca9e56bd50_20210313_071025
11622021-03-12dist_spcsv7List of datasetsList of species604b7806b940b_20210312_092635
11632021-03-12dist_spkml7List of datasetsList of species604b7806b940b_20210312_092644
11642021-03-10pointskml70List of datasetsList of species60496d0769b9e_20210310_200845
11652021-03-10pointskml70List of datasetsList of species60496d0769b9e_20210310_202327
11662021-03-09dist_spcsv178List of datasetsList of species60478b7d2c532_20210309_095530
11672021-03-09dist_spcsv24List of datasetsList of species6047b6291ca20_20210309_212742
11682021-03-09whole_speciesgdb1List of datasetsList of species6047831fed0b4_20210309_091909
11692021-03-08whole_specieskml1761List of datasetsList of species604676c3f1fed_20210308_163737
11702021-03-08dist_spkml443List of datasetsList of species60469efaa0fac_20210308_170618
11712021-03-08whole_specieskml1761List of datasetsList of species60468bbd8970f_20210308_154512
11722021-03-08pointscsv1List of datasetsList of species6046ae2669c41_20210308_181337
11732021-03-07whole_specieswfs4List of datasetsList of species60457a9d1bba0_20210307_202416
11742021-03-07whole_specieswfs4List of datasetsList of species60457a9d1bba0_20210307_204833
11752021-03-07whole_specieswfs4List of datasetsList of species60457a9d1bba0_20210307_202434
11762021-03-04whole_speciescsv2List of datasetsList of species60411f647c0a5_20210304_125750
11772021-03-04pointscsv2List of datasetsList of species60419fa9e0649_20210304_221350
11782021-03-03pointsshapefile12List of datasetsList of species603fb275af473_20210303_110951
11792021-03-01whole_speciescsv63List of datasetsList of species603ce990c2e4b_20210301_082052
11802021-03-01whole_speciesgdb63List of datasetsList of species603ce990c2e4b_20210301_082044
11812021-02-28dist_spcsv1List of datasetsList of species603b92def0096_20210228_080431
11822021-02-28dist_spcsv1List of datasetsList of species603b92def0096_20210228_085740
11832021-02-28whole_specieskml1761List of datasetsList of species603be1ae41441_20210228_134104
11842021-02-28dist_spkml2List of datasetsList of species603b2bc0b6596_20210228_005836
11852021-02-26whole_datasetkml1761List of datasetsList of species6039b58e961d7_20210226_222050
11862021-02-25dist_spcsv4List of datasetsList of species603823f3e957f_20210225_173641
11872021-02-25dist_spshapefile4List of datasetsList of species603823f3e957f_20210225_173559
11882021-02-25whole_datasetkml1761List of datasetsList of species603773550866e_20210225_052345
11892021-02-25whole_datasetkml1761List of datasetsList of species603773550866e_20210225_050943
11902021-02-24dist_spshapefile4List of datasetsList of species60367e4967db6_20210224_114508
11912021-02-24dist_spcsv4List of datasetsList of species60367e4967db6_20210224_113141
11922021-02-22pointscsv1List of datasetsList of species6033d4dbc3f1b_20210222_110103
11932021-02-21dist_spcsv1List of datasetsList of species6032efc504a26_20210221_200953
11942021-02-21dist_spshapefile1List of datasetsList of species6032efc504a26_20210221_200136
11952021-02-21dist_spcsv1List of datasetsList of species6032efc504a26_20210221_191300
11962021-02-21pointsshapefile21List of datasetsList of species6032c77c94dbe_20210221_155150
11972021-02-21whole_speciescsv1List of datasetsList of species6033298a8f64c_20210221_224935
11982021-02-21pointscsv7List of datasetsList of species6032ecbd4c4c9_20210221_183221
11992021-02-21pointscsv42List of datasetsList of species6032da050c30f_20210221_171322
12002021-02-21pointscsv36List of datasetsList of species6032c36bd3b83_20210221_155219
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  • The summary of the download requests may not be accurate as the download functionality of the OBIS-SEAMAP mapping tools have been advancing and it is hard to put together old download requests with newer ones.
  • The number of users may be overcounted or undercounted as we didn't collect the information of user identification in early years of OBIS-SEAMAP and the IP addresses are used as a proxy to user identity for old requests.
  • Other issues that may result in inaccuracy is:
    • a user may try downloading data with slightly different criteria for the same project/purpose.
    • a user may download data a couple of times over time to include the latest observations.
    • a user may download data with more coarse criteria and then filter the downloaded data more for specific needs (e.g. download global sightings of a species and then filter them with a study area).
    • a user may download data just for a test purpose.
    • For KML format, a user may visualize the data using Google Earth but did not use them for his/her scientific work.
  • The data type of "diversity indexes" was added in July 2016.
  • Although we have started collecting details of a request (i.e. user's name, prospectus) since Nov 2013, we do not disclose the details unless the user gives us consent. If you want to know more details on the request, please contact us with the Request ID ready. We will try connecting you with the user in question.