Marine species citizen-science observations from NatureWatch NZ
Shane Orchard, NatureWatch NZ

Summary of download requests

Number of users / requestsUsersRequests
Types requested AllPartial All or partial?: When all records of this dataset were downloaded, it is flagged as "All".
Otherwise, it is flagged as "Partial".
A partial download happens when a user specifies particular species / areas / dates of interest.
Years 202220212020
Formats requested Types requested  
Gridded summary Type 1a (dist_taxa)32
Gridded summary Type 1b (dist_taxa_h3)0
Gridded summary Type 2a (dist_sp)333
Gridded summary Type 2b (dist_sp_h3)16
diversity indexes (diversity)0
Observations based on criteria (points)121
All observations of species (whole_species)280
All observations in dataset (whole_dataset)20
  • Gridded summary Type 1 (dist_taxa): Sightings of all species are aggregated at 1/0.1/0.01 degree resolution. Users gets the number of species and records per grid cell.
    a: Rectangular grids; b: Hexagonal grids
  • Gridded summary Type 2 (dist_sp): Sightings of each species are aggregated at 1/0.1/0.01 degree resolution. Users gets the number of records of the species in question per grid cell.
    a: Rectangular grids; b: Hexagonal grids
  • All or partial?: When all records of this dataset were downloaded, it is flagged as "All". Otherwise, it is flagged as "Partial". A partial download happens when a user specifies particular species / areas / dates of interest.

Download request details

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No.Date requestedTypes requestedFormat#recordsAlong with...Species includedRequest ID
1512022-03-20whole_speciesgdb1List of datasetsList of species62377a1c5f3f1_20220320_150715
1522022-03-20whole_speciescsv1List of datasetsList of species62377a1c5f3f1_20220320_150824
1532022-03-18whole_speciescsv14List of datasetsList of species62347c0dd3523_20220318_083508
1542022-03-18whole_speciescsv14List of datasetsList of species62347c0dd3523_20220318_083424
1552022-03-11dist_taxakml1509List of datasetsList of species622bab7f290d0_20220311_150601
1562022-03-08whole_speciescsv14List of datasetsList of species6227559caa455_20220308_081619
1572022-03-04whole_speciesgdb14List of datasetsList of species6221fc7c5c1fb_20220304_070423
1582022-03-04whole_speciescsv14List of datasetsList of species6221fc7c5c1fb_20220304_070416
1592022-03-04whole_specieswfs14List of datasetsList of species6221fc7c5c1fb_20220304_070445
1602022-03-04whole_specieskml14List of datasetsList of species6221fc7c5c1fb_20220304_070430
1612022-03-03dist_spkml21List of datasetsList of species62216840bf181_20220303_201559
1622022-03-02dist_spcsv9List of datasetsList of species621ffd79886bb_20220302_184910
1632022-02-28whole_speciescsv14List of datasetsList of species621d0f75448b2_20220228_132203
1642022-02-28whole_speciescsv14List of datasetsList of species621d0f75448b2_20220228_132442
1652022-02-28whole_specieskml14List of datasetsList of species621d0f75448b2_20220228_132245
1662022-02-28whole_speciesgdb14List of datasetsList of species621d0f75448b2_20220228_132228
1672022-02-28whole_specieskml14List of datasetsList of species621d137dcb331_20220228_132553
1682022-02-28whole_speciesgdb14List of datasetsList of species621d137dcb331_20220228_132545
1692022-02-28whole_speciescsv14List of datasetsList of species621d137dcb331_20220228_132536
1702022-02-28dist_taxakml1509List of datasetsList of species621cce6e20e07_20220228_083050
1712022-02-28whole_speciescsv14List of datasetsList of species621d5c520559f_20220228_184530
1722022-02-25dist_spkml2List of datasetsList of species6219516039741_20220225_171006
1732022-02-25dist_spkml2List of datasetsList of species6219516039741_20220225_171009
1742022-02-25dist_sp_h3kml1List of datasetsList of species62195ff688d68_20220225_184707
1752022-02-25whole_specieskml1List of datasetsList of species62195ff688d68_20220225_195203
1762022-02-25dist_spkml29List of datasetsList of species6218f42de07c9_20220225_102656
1772022-02-25dist_spkml8List of datasetsList of species6218801ce6634_20220225_020738
1782022-02-25dist_spkml8List of datasetsList of species62187aa4efaf4_20220225_015855
1792022-02-25dist_spkml29List of datasetsList of species6218f42de07c9_20220225_102654
1802022-02-25dist_spkml8List of datasetsList of species62187aa4efaf4_20220225_015503
1812022-02-25dist_spkml21List of datasetsList of species6219a10c9c4a3_20220225_230054
1822022-02-25dist_spkml29List of datasetsList of species621994da6ff28_20220225_215022
1832022-02-25dist_spkml27List of datasetsList of species6218e6b23e781_20220225_105348
1842022-02-25dist_spkml29List of datasetsList of species6218f42de07c9_20220225_102653
1852022-02-25dist_spkml8List of datasetsList of species62187aa4efaf4_20220225_015508
1862022-02-25dist_spkml8List of datasetsList of species6218801ce6634_20220225_020902
1872022-02-25dist_spkml8List of datasetsList of species62187aa4efaf4_20220225_015507
1882022-02-25dist_spkml8List of datasetsList of species62187aa4efaf4_20220225_015752
1892022-02-25dist_spkml8List of datasetsList of species62187aa4efaf4_20220225_015459
1902022-02-25whole_specieskml1List of datasetsList of species62196234ce167_20220225_182632
1912022-02-24whole_specieskml9List of datasetsList of species6216520d85f76_20220224_182639
1922022-02-24whole_specieskml1List of datasetsList of species6216529c16b66_20220224_181509
1932022-02-24whole_speciescsv1List of datasetsList of species6217bec62156d_20220224_122628
1942022-02-24whole_speciescsv9List of datasetsList of species6216602f63658_20220224_114450
1952022-02-24whole_speciescsv2List of datasetsList of species6216602f63658_20220224_102631
1962022-02-24whole_speciescsv16List of datasetsList of species6216602f63658_20220224_113011
1972022-02-23dist_spkml6List of datasetsList of species6216535c553e5_20220223_103309
1982022-02-23dist_spkml6List of datasetsList of species621681ca8b61d_20220223_135045
1992022-02-23dist_spkml6List of datasetsList of species62167f56b6f94_20220223_134652
2002022-02-23dist_spkml6List of datasetsList of species62167ca38f7b1_20220223_133351
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  • The summary of the download requests may not be accurate as the download functionality of the OBIS-SEAMAP mapping tools have been advancing and it is hard to put together old download requests with newer ones.
  • The number of users may be overcounted or undercounted as we didn't collect the information of user identification in early years of OBIS-SEAMAP and the IP addresses are used as a proxy to user identity for old requests.
  • Other issues that may result in inaccuracy is:
    • a user may try downloading data with slightly different criteria for the same project/purpose.
    • a user may download data a couple of times over time to include the latest observations.
    • a user may download data with more coarse criteria and then filter the downloaded data more for specific needs (e.g. download global sightings of a species and then filter them with a study area).
    • a user may download data just for a test purpose.
    • For KML format, a user may visualize the data using Google Earth but did not use them for his/her scientific work.
  • The data type of "diversity indexes" was added in July 2016.
  • Although we have started collecting details of a request (i.e. user's name, prospectus) since Nov 2013, we do not disclose the details unless the user gives us consent. If you want to know more details on the request, please contact us with the Request ID ready. We will try connecting you with the user in question.