Seguimiento de 10 crías de tortuga boba nacidas en 2016 en el litoral valenciano, en el marco del Proyecto LIFE 15 IPE ES 012
Universitat Politècnica de València

Summary of download requests

Number of users / requestsUsersRequests
Types requested AllPartial All or partial?: When all records of this dataset were downloaded, it is flagged as "All".
Otherwise, it is flagged as "Partial".
A partial download happens when a user specifies particular species / areas / dates of interest.
Years 202220212020201920182017
Formats requested Types requested  
Gridded summary Type 1a (dist_taxa)94
Gridded summary Type 1b (dist_taxa_h3)0
Gridded summary Type 2a (dist_sp)703
Gridded summary Type 2b (dist_sp_h3)7
diversity indexes (diversity)0
Observations based on criteria (points)181
All observations of species (whole_species)47
All observations in dataset (whole_dataset)14
  • Gridded summary Type 1 (dist_taxa): Sightings of all species are aggregated at 1/0.1/0.01 degree resolution. Users gets the number of species and records per grid cell.
    a: Rectangular grids; b: Hexagonal grids
  • Gridded summary Type 2 (dist_sp): Sightings of each species are aggregated at 1/0.1/0.01 degree resolution. Users gets the number of records of the species in question per grid cell.
    a: Rectangular grids; b: Hexagonal grids
  • All or partial?: When all records of this dataset were downloaded, it is flagged as "All". Otherwise, it is flagged as "Partial". A partial download happens when a user specifies particular species / areas / dates of interest.

Download request details

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No.Date requestedTypes requestedFormat#recordsAlong with...Species includedRequest ID
3012021-05-16dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species60a0eee965b94_20210516_061130
3022021-05-16dist_spshapefile1262List of datasetsList of species60a0eee965b94_20210516_061154
3032021-05-13dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species609dec7b6ef81_20210513_232423
3042021-05-12dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species609bb5c8d599b_20210512_072951
3052021-05-12pointscsv2867List of datasetsList of species609bf16507f2d_20210512_112401
3062021-05-12pointskml2867List of datasetsList of species609bda6989f0f_20210512_111625
3072021-05-12dist_taxakml1262List of datasetsList of species609bee016b948_20210512_110615
3082021-05-12dist_taxakml1262List of datasetsList of species609bcbf2f1412_20210512_083804
3092021-05-12dist_taxakml1262List of datasetsList of species609bee016b948_20210512_110652
3102021-05-12dist_taxakml1262List of datasetsList of species609bee016b948_20210512_110611
3112021-05-11dist_spkml1262List of datasetsList of species609aa49c0f9f1_20210511_114045
3122021-05-11dist_spkml1262List of datasetsList of species609aa49c0f9f1_20210511_114052
3132021-05-11dist_spkml1262List of datasetsList of species609aa49c0f9f1_20210511_114047
3142021-05-11dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species609aa49c0f9f1_20210511_113934
3152021-05-10dist_spshapefile1262List of datasetsList of species6098ea72cd6de_20210510_042617
3162021-05-10dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species6098ea72cd6de_20210510_042454
3172021-05-07pointsshapefile2867List of datasetsList of species609516aee5f30_20210507_063942
3182021-05-02dist_spkml1262List of datasetsList of species608e70b335f6d_20210502_053140
3192021-05-02dist_spkml1262List of datasetsList of species608e70b335f6d_20210502_053135
3202021-05-01dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species608ddfc30d8f6_20210501_192225
3212021-04-26dist_spkml1262List of datasetsList of species60875ae64aed9_20210426_203053
3222021-04-25dist_spshapefile1262List of datasetsList of species608601f9f3097_20210425_210323
3232021-04-21whole_datasetkml2867List of datasetsList of species6080b25e34eff_20210421_192659
3242021-04-21whole_datasetkml2867List of datasetsList of species6080b25e34eff_20210421_192639
3252021-04-21whole_datasetkml2867List of datasetsList of species6080b25e34eff_20210421_192717
3262021-04-20dist_spcsv10List of datasetsList of species607f0a610cbd7_20210420_140425
3272021-04-20dist_taxakml1262List of datasetsList of species607f02ea892b3_20210420_123734
3282021-04-19dist_taxakml2047List of datasetsList of species607d9fc610cb5_20210419_113203
3292021-04-19dist_taxakml2047List of datasetsList of species607d9fc610cb5_20210419_113114
3302021-04-19pointscsv579List of datasetsList of species607d3ef9efa3d_20210419_051402
3312021-04-19dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species607d871317f10_20210419_094927
3322021-04-15whole_speciesgdb2867List of datasetsList of species6078ec19df289_20210415_214927
3332021-04-14dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species6076eaca6e17c_20210414_092327
3342021-04-14dist_spshapefile1262List of datasetsList of species6076eaca6e17c_20210414_092330
3352021-04-14dist_spshapefile1262List of datasetsList of species60779d19a0081_20210414_220831
3362021-04-14dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species60779d19a0081_20210414_220800
3372021-04-13whole_specieskml2867List of datasetsList of species60755d3d182c8_20210413_050004
3382021-04-12dist_taxakml1262List of datasetsList of species6074b98e77b63_20210412_172147
3392021-04-11dist_spkml1262List of datasetsList of species60725527be4e3_20210411_120054
3402021-04-11dist_spkml1262List of datasetsList of species60725527be4e3_20210411_120053
3412021-04-11dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species60725527be4e3_20210411_115704
3422021-04-11dist_spkml1262List of datasetsList of species60731d54a8b72_20210411_122110
3432021-04-11dist_spkml1262List of datasetsList of species60725527be4e3_20210411_120051
3442021-04-10dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species607248fbb596b_20210410_214212
3452021-04-10dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species607248fbb596b_20210410_210251
3462021-04-08whole_specieskml2867List of datasetsList of species606f6b8bd87a6_20210408_165640
3472021-04-08dist_spcsv1262List of datasetsList of species606ebbce33745_20210408_041842
3482021-04-08whole_specieskml2867List of datasetsList of species606f03b94a9f0_20210408_094015
3492021-04-08whole_specieskml2867List of datasetsList of species606f03b94a9f0_20210408_093957
3502021-04-08whole_specieskml2867List of datasetsList of species606f03b94a9f0_20210408_094447
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  • The summary of the download requests may not be accurate as the download functionality of the OBIS-SEAMAP mapping tools have been advancing and it is hard to put together old download requests with newer ones.
  • The number of users may be overcounted or undercounted as we didn't collect the information of user identification in early years of OBIS-SEAMAP and the IP addresses are used as a proxy to user identity for old requests.
  • Other issues that may result in inaccuracy is:
    • a user may try downloading data with slightly different criteria for the same project/purpose.
    • a user may download data a couple of times over time to include the latest observations.
    • a user may download data with more coarse criteria and then filter the downloaded data more for specific needs (e.g. download global sightings of a species and then filter them with a study area).
    • a user may download data just for a test purpose.
    • For KML format, a user may visualize the data using Google Earth but did not use them for his/her scientific work.
  • The data type of "diversity indexes" was added in July 2016.
  • Although we have started collecting details of a request (i.e. user's name, prospectus) since Nov 2013, we do not disclose the details unless the user gives us consent. If you want to know more details on the request, please contact us with the Request ID ready. We will try connecting you with the user in question.