Pilcher, Nicolas

Title Founder & Executive Director
Organization Marine Research Foundation
Address (line 1) 136 Lorong Pokok Seraya 2
Address (line 2) Taman Khidmat
City Kota Kinabalu
State Sabah
Zip 88450
Country Malaysia
Phone 6088244089
Fax 6088244089
E-mail npilcher@mrf-asia.org
URL http://www.mrf-asia.org
Dataset nameRoleType#recordsDate addedDate updated
Gulf Green Turtle Project 2016-2019 Primary contact pttag 7,788 2020-07-08 2023-01-30
Tracking rehabilitated green turtles from Mabul Island, Sabah, Malaysia Primary contact pttag 1,477 2017-07-04 2024-02-29
Identification of Important Turtle Areas for green turtles in the Sulu Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion Primary contact pttag 11,246 2015-07-21 2024-02-29
Reproductive Biology of Marine Turtles under Extreme Climatic Conditions Primary contact pttag 10,501 2014-03-11 2024-02-29
Tracking headstarted green turtles from the Maldives Primary contact pttag 895 2013-07-30 2024-02-29
Identification of secondary foraging grounds for green turtles as they depart Mantanani, Malaysia Primary contact pttag 3,303 2011-03-04 2024-02-29