Newport Aquarium 2004: Loggerhead Turtle
Marine Turtle Research Group / SEATURTLE.ORG

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Marine Turtle Research Group
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Satellite Tracking and Analysis Tool (STAT)
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This project is a collaboration among the Marine Turtle Research Group (Brendan Godley, Annette Broderick, Lucy Hawkes), Michael Coyne (SEATURTLE.ORG)the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (Matthew Godfrey) and the Newport Aquarium.
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This project was funded by the Newport Aquarium, Kentucky, USA


Primary contact Brendan Godley Marine Turtle Research Group
Data entry Michael Coyne



Fisher was found in a nest on Fort Fisher beach in 1995 and transported to the Fort Fisher Aquarium in North Carolina USA. By January 2003, Fisher had reached 90 pounds and measured over 2 feet in length. Outgrowing his Fort Fisher home, the now sub-adult loggerhead was loaned to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky, USA, to be featured in Turtles: Journey of Survival. When the turtle exhibit ended in spring of this year, Newport staff realized that it was time to say goodbye to Fisher and return him to the wild. Now a formidable 150 pounds, Fisher would be of great value to the wild populations of sea turtles. This is Fishers first ever exposure to the wild and it will be fascinating to see what happens!



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Marine mammals0
Sea turtles799
Rays and sharks0
Other species0
Non spatial0
Non species0
Date, Begin2004-07-12
Date, End2005-06-25
Temporal prec.111111
Latitude5.87 - 35.72
Longitude-77.51 - -19.27
Coord. prec.3 decimal digits
Data typeTelemetry location
TracklinesYES (ID: 407)
Contr. throughSatellite Tracking and Analysis Tool
Sharing policy Permission required
Also availalbe from None
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