Acquario di Genova, Delfini Metropolitani Project, cetacean sightings 2001-2009

Acquario di Genova

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Acquario di Genova


Primary contact Michela Bellingeri Acquario di Genova
Data entry Connie Kot



Delfini Metropolitani is a long term reserach project of Acquario di Genova to study the ecology of cetaceans and, in particular, of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). The study area is located along the Eastern Ligurian coast, between Genoa and La Spezia. The research platforms are two 5.10 m long inflatables. Research activity is conducted during the whole year, depending on weather conditions.


The project is mainly focused on the bottlenose dolphin with regards to habitat use, home range analysis, abundance estimates, and interactions with human activities (fishing, trawling, sea traffic). We use photo-ID techniques for abundance estimates, home range analysis and social structure analysis. We use ArcGIS 9.3 as a software tool for spatial analysis.

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Gnone, G., M. Bellingeri, F. Dhermain, F. Dupraz, S. Nuti, D. Bedocchi, A. Moulins, M. Rosso, J. Alessi, R.S. McCrea, A. Azzellino, S. Airoldi, N. Portunato, S. Laran, L. David, N. Di Meglio, P. Bonelli, G. Montesi, R. Trucchi, F. Fossa and M. Wurtz. 2011. Distribution, abundance and movements of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in the Pelagos Sanctuary MPA. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. DOI: 10.1002/acq.1191.



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Attributes in dataset

Attribute (table column)Description
oidUnique ID number (generated by SEAMAP)
idRecord ID
obs_dateObserved date
sp_obsSpecies observed
obs_countObserved count
obs_timeObserved time
latitudeLatitude of observation
longitudeLongitude of observation
sp_tsnSpecies ITIS TSN
Marine mammals160
Sea turtles0
Rays and sharks0
Other species0
Non spatial0
Non species0
Date, Begin2001-04-27
Date, End2009-10-27
Temporal prec.111111
Latitude42.51 - 44.41
Longitude8.82 - 11.13
Coord. prec.6 decimal digits
Data typeAnimal sighting
EffortYES (ID: 763)
Traveled (km)19,995
Effort hours1,629
Contr. throughACCOBAMS
Sharing policy CC-BY-NC (Minimum)
Shared with OBIS
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