JAX FIREX Aerial Surveys 5-8 September 2012

HDR Environmental, Operations and Construction, Inc.

Dataset credit

The U.S. Navy Marine Species Monitoring Program


Primary contact Kristen Ampela HDR Environmental, Operations and Construction, Inc.
Secondary contact Grant Miller-Francisco HDR Environmental, Operations and Construction, Inc.
Data entry Ei Fujioka Duke University


Ampela, K. and G. Miller-Francisco. 2016. JAX FIREX Aerial Surveys 5-8 September 2012. Data downloaded from OBIS-SEAMAP (http://seamap.env.duke.edu/dataset/880) on yyyy-mm-dd.


Aerial marine species monitoring occurred 5 through 8 September 2012 for a Firing Exercise (FIREX) with Integrated Maritime Portable Acoustic Scoring and Simulator (IMPASS) event that occurred in the Jacksonville (JAX) Range Complex off the eastern coast of Florida within the United States (U.S.) Navy’s FIREX boxes BB and CC.



Supplemental information

[2016-04-28] Data format was changed to follow the new data standard adopted by the provider.




This section explains attributes included in the original dataset. OBIS-SEAMAP restricts the attributes available to the public to date/time, lat/lon and species names/counts only. Should you need other attributes described here, you are encouraged to contact the data provider.

Attributes described below represent those in the original dataset provided by the provider.
All attributes are included in the downloadable file (CSV or ESRI File Geodatabase) for "Complete Set of Dataset".

Attributes in dataset

Attribute (table column)Description
oidUnique ID number (generated by OBIS-SEAMAP)
objectidUnique ID number
altitudemAltitude in meters (blank)
bearingRelative bearing in degrees from the platform to the sighting, where the front of the platform is zero degrees. Formats include clock face, degrees, etc. degrees; 1
beaufortscaleBeaufort sea scale (blank)
beheventinitfldBehavior of the animal when initially sighted
calvespercentIndicator for calves present (blank)
contractContract (blank)
countcalvesThe number of calves
counttotbestThe best estimate of the group size
counttotmaxThe maximum of the group size
counttotminThe minimum of the group size
declangleDeclining angle in degrees
effortobsEffort (blank)
groupidGroup ID (blank)
headinganimalHeading of the animals in degrees
headingplatmagneticHeading magnetic angle (blank)
headingplattrueHeading true angle (blank)
latanimalLatitude of the animals in degrees
latplatformLatitude of the platform in degrees (blank)
legnumberLeg number (blank)
legtypeLeg type (blank)
longanimalLongitude of the animals in degrees
longplatformLongitude of the platform in degrees (blank)
observerObserver name
observerleftObserver on the left side (blank)
observerrightObserver on the right side (blank)
oceanOcean (always Atlantic)
percentcloudcoverCloud cover in percentage (blank)
platformdeddefinition not provided
platformtypePlatform type (always Aerial)
rangecomplexRange complex (always JAX)
reactioninitcountReaction count (blank)
reticleReticle (blank)
sightabilitySightability (blank)
sightingdateThe date of the sighting
sightingnotesNotes of the sighting
sightingnumberSighting number
sightingtimeThe time of the sighting (local time)
spcshauledoutSpecies hauled out (blank)
spcsnmcomSpecies common name
spcsnmsciSpecies scientific name
sp_tsnITIS Taxonomic Serial Number assigned by OBIS-SEAMAP
spcspossresightResight of the animals (blank)
surveycatdefinition not provided
surveydatesSurvey dates (blank)
surveyidSurvey ID (always HDR_JAX_Aerial_2013Sep05-08)
surveylinkSurvey link (always HDR_JAX_Aerial_2013Sep05)
surveytypeSurvey type (always Trackline Survey)
swellSwell (blank)
aspectAspect (blank)
binocularsBinoculars (blank)
birdsIndicate if birds were obseved
countfemalesCount of females (blank)
countjuvenilesCount of juveniles (blank)
countmalesCount of males (blank)
countnewbornsCount of new borns (blank)
countvescargoCount of cargos (blank)
countvesferriesCount of ferries (blank)
countvesfishingCount of fishing vessels (blank)
countvesmilitaryCount of miliary vessels (blank)
countvesmotoryachtsCount of yachts (blank)
countvessailingCount of sailing ships (blank)
cueCue of the sighting (blank)
depth__m_Bottom depth in meters
dispcohesiondefinition not provided
dispmaxdefinition not provided
dispmindefinition not provided
distlateraldefinition not provided
distsightdefinition not provided
efforttransectdefinition not provided
flightofdaydefinition not provided
glareGlare (blank)
glareleftGlare at left side (blank)
glaremaxangleAngle to maximum glare (blank)
glareminangleAngle to minimum glare (blank)
glarerightGlare at right side (blank)
latplatformendLatitude of the platform at the end of sighting event in degreesLatitude of the platform at the end of sighting event in degrees (blank)
longplatformendLongitude of the platform at the end of sighting event in degreesLatitude of the platform at the end of sighting event in degrees (blank)
observeraftObserver at aft (blank)
observerforwardObserver at forward (blank)
pctimedefinition not provided
photoframesdefinition not provided
photosIndicate if a photo was taken
platformspeedPlatform speed (blank)
reactionlaterReaction of the animals later (blank)
reactionlatercountdefinition not provided
recorderRecorder (blank)
sightingmultiIndicate if multiple species were sighted (blank)
sightingmultispcsSpecies name of the multiple sighting event (blank)
sightingmultispcscountThe number of animals in the multiple sighting event (blank)
sightingmultispcsprcntdefinition not provided
sightingtimeendThe end time of the sighting
spcsbwdefinition not provided
spcscertaintyfinalCertainty of the identification of the species (blank)
spcscertaintyinitInitial certainty of the identification of the species (blank)
spcscodeSpecies code (blank)
spcsconfidenceConfidence of the species identification (blank)
videoIndicate if video was taken
visibilityVisibility (blank)
visibilityleftVisibility at the left side (blank)
visibilityrightVisibility at the right side (blank)
waterseasondefinition not provided
weatherWeather (blank)
winddirectionWind direction (blank)
windspeedWind speed (blank)
geomGeometry field added by OBIS-SEAMAP
Marine mammals20
Sea turtles5
Rays and sharks0
Other species2
Non spatial0
Non species0
Date, Begin2012-09-05
Date, End2012-09-08
Temporal prec.111110
Latitude30.51 - 30.77
Longitude-80.62 - -79.74
Coord. prec.6 decimal digits
Data typeAnimal sighting
Traveled (km)0
Contr. throughNavy
Sharing policy CC-BY (All)
Shared with OBIS
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