SEFSC GoMex Oceanic 1993 (W)
NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center (SEFSC)

Dataset credit

Southeast Fisheries Science Center, NOAA


Primary contact Lance Garrison NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center
Data entry Benjamin Best Duke University



A winter marine mammals survey in Gulf of Mexico was conducted in 1993 by NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center to examine the distribution and estimate abundance of cetaceans in U.S. waters. The survey was followed by a similar spring survey in 1993. This dataset contains sightings of not only cetaceans but also other species including sea turtles, fish and shark observed during the ship survey.

During the 31 survey days, 10 species were sighted, including

Atlantic spotted dolphin
Clymene dolphin
Melon-headed whale
Pantropical spotted dolphin
Pygmy sperm whale
Short/Long-finned pilot whale
Sperm whale
Standard Bottlenose dolphin
Striped dolphin

The dataset is accompanied by transect data which is provided as a separate file.


The purpose of this survey is to examine the distribution and estimate abundance of cetaceans in U.S. waters.

Specific objectives of this survey are:

1. Complete a line transect survey of the study area for marine mammals during daylight hours following prescribed transects.

2. Collect ichthyoplankton samples for the Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (SEAMAP) during the non-daylight hours using neuston, bongo and Tucker trawls.

3. Obtain associated environmental and oceanographic data.

Supplemental information



NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center. 1993. Cruise Results; Marine Mammals/Ichthyoplankton Survey; NOAA Ship Oregon II Cruise 93-01 (203).



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Attributes in dataset provided

Attribute (table column)Description
Marine mammals45
Sea turtles0
Rays and sharks1
Other species180
Non spatial0
Non species1,066
Date, Begin1993-01-06
Date, End1993-02-12
Temporal prec.111111
Latitude26.03 - 29.33
Longitude-96.08 - -87.72
Coord. prec.4 decimal digits
Data typeAnimal sighting
EffortYES (ID: 16)
Traveled (km)4,140
Effort hours246
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