UNCW PAX Aerial Survey - Left side - 2016

University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Dataset credit

William A. McLellan, University of North Carolina Wilmington


Primary contact William McLellan University of North Carolina Wilmington
Data entry Ei Fujioka Duke University






Supplemental information

The original survey data are separated into two datasets, from left-side and right-side observers upon provider's request. This dataset is from the left side sighting data. The right side sighting data are available on OBIS-SEAMAP in the UNCW PAX Aerial Survey - Right side - 2017 dataset.

This dataset includes a subset of the data collection for the PAX Aerial surveys.
Other data of the collection are available in the following datasets:
UNCW PAX Aerial Survey - Right side - 2017
UNCW PAX Aerial Survey - Left side - 2017
UNCW PAX Aerial Survey - Right side - 2016
UNCW PAX Aerial Survey - Right side - 2015
UNCW PAX Aerial Survey - Left side - 2015

All the US Navy-funded survey datasets are found in the OBIS-SEAMAP US Navy page.




This section explains attributes included in the original dataset. OBIS-SEAMAP restricts the attributes available to the public to date/time, lat/lon and species names/counts only. Should you need other attributes described here, you are encouraged to contact the data provider.

Attributes described below represent those in the original dataset provided by the provider.
Only minimum required attributes are visible and downloadable online. Other attributes may be obtained upon provider's permission.

Attributes in dataset

Attribute (table column)Description
oidUnique ID number (generated by OBIS-SEAMAP)
row_idSequential number added to the original data sheet by OBIS-SEAMAP
obs_dateDate of the sighting
obs_timeTime of the sighting (local time zone)
waypointWay point
latitudeLatitude in decimal degrees
longitudeLongitude in decimal degrees
eventEvent. 1.1 = On effort/on track; 1.2 = Off effort. Full codes are available upon request.
tracklineTrack number
observer_sideObserver side (L or R)
visibilityVisibility code
bsssea state
cloudCloud cover code
glare_lGlare Left code
glare_rGlare Right code
vertical_angleVertical angle
horizontal_angleHorizontal angle
sighting_cueSighting cue code
sp_obsSpecies name recorded
sp_tsnTaxonomic Serial Number added by OBIS-SEAMAP
reliabilityReliability code
min_countMinimum number of animals
max_countMaximum number of animals
obs_countBest estimate of number of animals
datetime_iniInitial date/time if this record is a follow-up of the already sighted animals
latitude_iniInitial latitude if this record is a follow-up of the already sighted animals
longitude_iniInitial longitude if this record is a follow-up of the already sighted animals
geomGeometry field added by OBIS-SEAMAP
Marine mammals8
Sea turtles5
Rays and sharks12
Other species0
Non spatial0
Non species0
Date, Begin2016-04-17
Date, End2016-10-02
Temporal prec.111111
Latitude37.30 - 38.43
Longitude-76.51 - -76.12
Coord. prec.6 decimal digits
Data typeAnimal sighting
EffortYES (ID: 1798)
Traveled (km)7,204
Effort hours56
Contr. throughNavy
Sharing policy CC-BY-NC (Minimum)
Shared with OBIS
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