Ecological Baseline Studies of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf Option Year 2

APEM, Normandeau Associates

Dataset credit

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), Normandeau
Associates Inc., APEM Ltd.


Primary contact Michelle Vukovich Normandeau Associates, Inc.
Data entry Ei Fujioka Duke University



Normandeau Associates, Inc., and APEM Inc. (Team) have been contracted
by BOEM to complete quarterly high-altitude aerial digital surveys in a 12-
month period. The Team proposes to conduct the first survey in May 2019
and complete all four surveys in the 2020 calendar year.

The South Atlantic Survey area (SASA) is defined as the area of the ocean
off the coast of North and South Carolina out to the -30-m contour line. The
approximate size of the area is 11,000 square nautical miles.

Transect surveys will cover a minimum of 5% of the SASA.In addition, 10%
of the total area within the Kitty Hawk, Wilmington East, and Wilmington
West Wind Energy Areas –as well as the South Carolina–Grand Stand Call
Area will be surveyed.

The planned image resolution of all the imagery for the project will be 1.5-
cm ground sampling distance at the surface of the ocean.

Option Year 2 includes four surveys of each these areas from May 2019 to
Feb 2020.



Supplemental information

[2022-06-07] The following recorded species names got their assigned scientific names corrected.
BLACK SCOTER: Melanitta nigra americana => Melanitta nigra
GREAT SHEARWATER: Aythya marila => Puffinus gravis
GREAT SKUA: Puffinus gravis => Stercorarius skua
GREATER SCAUP: Stercorarius skua => Aythya marila

The areas defined for survey were the South Atlantic Survey Area (SASA),
Kitty Hawk (KH) Wind Energy Area (WEA), Wilmington East (WE) WEA,
Wilmington West (WW) WEA, Grand Stand Call Area (GSCA), Charleston Call
Area (CCA), and fish spawning areas SMZ 51 (A51) and SMZ 53 (A53). SASA
surveys are linear transects flown in a saw tooth pattern out to the -30-m
contour line along the entire South Carolina and North Carolina coasts.
These surveys included the CCA, A51 and A53 areas. The overlap portion of
SASA and CCA is designated “SASA,CCA”; the overlap portion of SASA and
A51 is designated “SASA,A51”; and the overlap portion of SASA and A53 is
designated “SASA,A53”.The WEAs and GSCA areas are grid surveys through
the area plus a 1NM buffer.

GSCA and WW share survey overlap and that overlap portion is designated
as “GSCA,WW”.The SASA survey area overlaps portions of CCA, A51 and A53
areas and overlapped areas are designated by the area name “SASA,CCA”;
“SASA,A51”; or “SASA,A53”. GSCA and WW also share survey overlap and
that area is designated by “GSCA,WW”.DISCLAIMERStudy concept,
oversight, and funding were provided by the US Department of the Interior,
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), Environmental Studies
Program, Washington, DC, under Contract Number M17PC00010; Order
M17PD00063. This report has been technically reviewed by BOEM, and it
has been approved for publication. The views and conclusions contained in
this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as
representing the opinions or policies of the US Government, nor does
mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement
or recommendation for use.


APEM and Normandeau Associates prepared for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). 2021. Ecological Baseline Studies of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf Option Year 2.



This section explains attributes included in the original dataset. OBIS-SEAMAP restricts the attributes available to the public to date/time, lat/lon and species names/counts only. Should you need other attributes described here, you are encouraged to contact the data provider.

Attributes described below represent those in the original dataset provided by the provider.
All attributes are included in the downloadable file (CSV or ESRI File Geodatabase) for "Complete Set of Dataset".

Attributes in dataset

Attribute (table column)Description
oidUnique ID number (generated by OBIS-SEAMAP)
snag_idUnique ID for target Each entry is 1 individual (except for Fish Shoals which is one entry per 1 shoal encompassing uncounted number of fish)
snag_uniquedefinition not provided
surveySurvey name
datetakenDate image taken, in local time (EST)
timetakenTime image taken, in local time (EST)
id_type1st level of identification
id_subtype2nd level of identification Target group type if identified Needs id = Target has not been reviewed for ID Unid. Type = Target has been reviewed and cannot be identified to a subtype
id_species3rd level of identification Common Name if identified Needs id = Target has not been reviewed for ID species unknown = Target has been reviewed and cannot be identified to species
sp_tsnTaxonomic Serial Number added by OBIS-SEAMAP
id_confidConfidence level of ID: Definite Probable Possible blank = not rated
lengthcmGenerally, head-to-tail length in cm. This is NOT turtle carapace. Ignored for non-animal & fish shoal. NULL = not determined
wingspancmWing span tip to tip in cm. 0 = wings are folded up/bird is sitting on surface. Applies to avian only
agedefinition not provided
altitudemdefinition not provided
alterrordefinition not provided
surfaceDepth rating. blank = not rated
headingdegDirection of target (in degrees)
listedYes = Species/Species Group status is listed (as of 2016)
parentimgImage name where target is located
latitudeLatitude in decimal degrees (WGS84)
longitudeLongitude in decimal degrees (WGS84)
sargassumSargassum is present in image with target. 1 = present; 0 = not present; blank = not evaluated
areaArea - specific
genareaArea - general
scientificnamedefinition not provided
familyFamily if species is identified
transectiddefinition not provided
linedefinition not provided
shoaliddefinition not provided
shlareasqmdefinition not provided
shlextenddefinition not provided
visibilityVisibility (greater than, km)
seastateSea State (mean values) 0 Calm (Glass) 1 Calm (Rippled) 2 Smooth 3 Slight 4 Moderate
glintGlint Percentage (highest %)
turbidityTurbidity visual estimation (mean values) 0 Clear 1 Slightly Turbid 2 Moderately Turbid 3 Highly Turbid
precipduraPrecipitation duration in time (minutes)
cloudClound Cover Percentage (highest %) 0-10% Clear 11-15% Scattered 51-94% Broken 95-100% Overcast
airtemp_cAir Temperature (°Celsius)
pressurePressure (inHg)
windspeedWind Speed (kts)
winddirectWind Direction (degrees)
geomGeometry field added by OBIS-SEAMAP
Marine mammals2,561
Sea turtles1,690
Rays and sharks18,817
Other species33,927
Non spatial0
Non species341
Date, Begin2019-05-18
Date, End2020-02-12
Temporal prec.111111
Latitude31.80 - 36.55
Longitude-80.76 - -74.98
Coord. prec.4 decimal digits
Data typeAnimal sighting
Traveled (km)0
Contr. through
Sharing policy CC-BY (All)
Shared with OBIS
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